Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tsukuba Declaration

Tsukuba declaration

signed by

EPS president, Prof. Maciej Kolwas
AAPPS President, Prof. Jie Zhang

March 24, 2010 (Tsukuba, Japan)

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First ASEPS, Tsukuba (Japan)

The First Asia-Europe Physics Summit (ASEPS) was held in Tsukuba, March 24-26, 2010
More than 200 participants from 30 countries have attended. 100 posters and more than 50 talks and addresses have been presented.

This First Summit has been an exciting event marking the start of a stronger Asia-Europe cooperation on basic physics research and on physics applications to societal needs and issues like energy, environment, health, ...
The Summit has also addressed more general issues including the involvement of developing countries in frontier research, the communication between researchers and decision makers or between researchers and the industry, the access of women to physics and the benefits for physics, the education for and by research in an Asia-Europe Framework, ...

The next Summit will be held in Poland, October, 26 - 29 2011, when Poland will have the Presidency of Europe, so ... stay tuned.

Monday, April 5, 2010

ASEPS last preparation meeting (Brussels, Dec. 8-9, 2009

The last preparation meeting was held under the aegis of the European Commission-Research Directorate General.