Sunday, July 19, 2009

Physics towards Science Innovations

The ASia-Europe Physics Summit aims at strengthening the cooperation in physics research between European and Asian countries.

A balanced partnership between Europe, Asia and America is a crucial aspect of any world-wide endeavor in the field of science and technology. The Summit will deal with programs addressing either issues in fundamental physics or physics research playing a significant role in other fields (i.e. biology, chemistry, earth, space sciences …).

The active participation of researchers, decision makers from funding agencies, research organisation and government as well as industry leaders of the European and Asian countries is necessary for the success of this initiative.

The purpose of the Summit will be

  1. to discuss the common scientific interests of European and Asian countries in various research fields, including large scale infrastructures;
  2. to set up a dedicated framework that would enhance Euro-Asia collaborations in physics for the next 15-20 years
  3. to involve developing countries in basic research and to bridge the knowledge/digital gap.

Kick-off and intermediate meetings will be soon organised in Europe and Asia to define areas of interest and set the agenda for the Asia-Europe Physics Summit.

To express your interest and receive further mailings, please contact the Asia-Europe Physics Summit secretariat at

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